Mobile Dog Wash & Hydrobath

mobile dog washIf you’re a dog owner, then you know the importance of keeping your dog clean and free from fleas. For maximum coat healthiness, it’s best to wash your pooch once every 2-4 weeks.

If your dog is hard to bathe, or your busy schedule doesn’t permit you the time to wash him or her as often as you’d like, Rosie Pets will come straight to you, with our mobile dog wash that keeps your best friend clean, healthy, and smelling great! With mobile dog washing, you’ll never have to worry about loading your pet up in the car and driving them to the groomers’.

We offer two great dog washes: Our Express Hydrobath, designed specifically for doggies on the go, or our Deluxe Hydrobath, which includes a wash, blow dry, ears and eyes cleaning, nail clip, and brush out.

Depending on your animal’s needs, you can choose from our mild, conditioning, or flea shampoo. We’ll also spray your dog with our signature “poochini cologne,” and return your pup smelling like a million bucks!


Dog Washing Prices (inc. GST)

Salon Services Small Dog (0 – 10kg) Medium Dog (11 – 19kg) Large Dog (20kg+)

Express Bath –

For dogs on the go




Deluxe Bath –

Wash, blow dry, nails, ears & eyes




Have a second dog that needs washing? Bring them together, and you’ll receive a 10% Off discount! For a full run-down of what our dog washes entail, visit our Dog Washing services section, to find out more.

Looking for mobile dog wash in Brisbane?

If you want the best care possible for your pet, bring your pooch to Rosie Pets for the best dog wash in Brisbane. Whether you’re on the go and need a quick dog bath, or want to pamper your pooch with some extra special treatment, our team of caring staff will give your best friend 5-star treatment.

Book our mobile dog washing services today, and keep your dog’s coat clean, healthy, and flea-free. We also offer additional services for your pooch, like dog walking and grooming, and can even pet sit when you’re away on holiday.

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