Dog Grooming Brisbane – some tips and tricks!

Us humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy getting our hair brushed and done up! Dogs love it (and need it too). Dogs require regular grooming to keep their fur in tiptop condition, just like how we brush our hair to keep in silky and smooth. In this blog, we are going to look at the 4 best dog grooming techniques in Brisbane!

1)     Keep it Positive!

Don’t go into a grooming session with a sense of unease and frustration. Grooming your dog is meant to be a time of patience, fun and bonding. If you get angry and stressed out, especially if your dog is young and isn’t used to grooming, then it will never be a fun time for either of you, now or in the future. It’s important to keep up the praise, patience and treats when your dog is a puppy so that they will learn to enjoy grooming when they are older. Try and keep the environment relaxed and casual and gradually lengthen the grooming period over time. Start off at 5 minutes, and as your dog gets older and more comfortable with being handled, increase the session length.

2)     Bathing

Living in the warm, tropical climate of Brisbane, your dog is going to be playing/walking/running around outside a lot. That is why it’s very important to keep your dog clean by bathing them. The recommended amount is once every three months, but since we live in such an outdoorsy environment in QLD, you may find yourself washing your dog more often.  Before bathing your dog, give it a good brush. Remember to use a spray hose and massage in the shampoo. Don’t you hate it when you get shampoo in your eyes? And it would be pretty annoying if you got it up your nose or in your ears too, right? Well, dogs are the same. Try and avoid getting water or shampoo in those areas. Remember to dry your dog with a large towel afterwards.

3)     Regular Brushing

Again, because of Brisbane’s weather, your dog may need more brushing than a pooch that lives in a colder climate. This is because your pet will be outside a lot more, rolling around and getting debris stuck in its fur! Brushing your dog not only allows you to check for fleas, but also allows for their natural oils to spread. And just like us, regularly brushing your dog means smooth, tangle-free hair! If you have a dog with short, smooth fur, remember to use a rubber brush then a bristle brush. For dogs with retriever-like fur, use a slicker brush then a bristle brush. And don’t forget to comb their tails!

4)     Clip those nails!

Most dogs might find nail clipping a bit uncomfortable at first, so it’s important to get them used to it with treats and patience. Once your dog is settled, make sure you know exactly what you are doing. This means having the right kind of nail clippers and knowing the right kind of nail-cutting technique. Even then, bleeding may occur so remember to apply some styptic powder if this happens. If you are having difficulty cutting your dog’s nails or with any other grooming exercise, don’t hesitate to book your pooch into a grooming session at a pet parlour in Brisbane! We can guarantee you professional, efficient service that your pet will love!



Written by Rosie Pets Brisbane