Mobile Dog Grooming

mobile dog groomingMost dog breeds require grooming to keep their coats healthy, shiny, and free from tangles. However, it can be a hassle – not to mention, stressful – to drag your pet to the groomer’s, only to leave them there all day.

With Rosie Pets’ convenient mobile pet grooming, we come to you! Your dog will be pampered with a thorough pet grooming from head to tail, and be back in the comfort of their own home, right after.

We have three great dog grooming packages to choose from:

  • Full Groom: Our full dog grooming service includes a deluxe bath, complete blow dry, a breed-specific clip including hand-scissoring, nail clip, ear and eye cleaning, paw cleaning, and is topped off with a spray “poochini cologne.” It’s the ultimate 5-star treatment for your dog.
  • Mini Groom: A great way to maintain your dog’s coat in between grooms, our mini groom gives your pooch a deluxe bath, with full blow dry and tidy up around the face, tummy, feet and tail areas.
  • Coat Strip: Great for Shelties, Pomeranians, Collies and other double-coated breeds, our Coat Strip service includes a deluxe bath and blow dry, extensive strip out or dead hair and removal of knots, nail clip, eye and ear clean, and paw cleaning.

Whether you have a small, medium, or large dog, our caring dog groomers will be happy to take care of your pooch.

Dog Grooming Prices 2022 (inc. GST)

Salon Services


Small Dog (5 – 10kg) Medium Dog (11 – 19kg)

Large Dog (20kg+)

Mini Groom(inc. deluxe bath):
Tidy up around face, feet & hygiene areas


$80 $90


Coat Strip(inc. deluxe bath):
Remove undercoat and dead hair


$100 $110

$120 – $150

Full Groom(inc. deluxe bath):
Complete clip, hand scissoring, style cut


$100 $110

$120 – $150

Receive 10% discount off the 2nd dog.  Please note these prices are an estimate only.  There may be additional fees for dog’s requiring extra time due to behaviour difficulties or condition of coat.

Looking for mobile dog grooming in Brisbane?

At Rosie Pets, it’s our mission to provide top-quality, affordable mobile dog grooming services to our customers. We love animals, and always treat your pet as if it were our own.

Give your dog the shiny, tangle-free coat they were meant to have and book a dog grooming session with us, today!

We also offer other pet care services, including pet sitting while you’re on holiday, dog washing, dog walking and more. If you’d like to make an appointment for any of our services over the phone or have a question:

Send us an enquiry and we’ll gladly assist you!