How to introduce your new baby to the family dog

Will my new baby be safe around my dog?

mobile dog washIntroducing your baby to your family dog is an exciting moment. You want it to be just like the movies, where your pooch politely walks up, gives the newborn a sniff and quietly barks her approval. More likely is that your dog will jump all over you in excitement, potentially upsetting and even hurting the baby.

Experts say that dogs’ natural enthusiasm and tendency to mirror emotions, coupled with the babies looking, sounding and smelling completely different to regular humans are what lead to the kind of disruptive behaviour you want to avoid as a new parent. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your dog will treat your baby with respect.

A few tips to ensure your new baby is safe

You’ve probably noticed that when a dog gets used to someone, they don’t get quite so excited every time they enter the house. The same is true for babies, so a great way to get your dog used to the new arrival is to introduce the baby’s smell days before you bring him or her home. Bring your dog something that smells like baby, and teach her to sniff it from a respectful distance.

When it’s time to bring your baby home, have everyone else enter the house first so your dog can use up some energy greeting all of them. Once inside, speak calmly and cheerfully so your dog knows the new arrival is a good thing, and reinforce good behaviour with treats right away.

A few tips to keep your dog happy

As far as your dog is concerned, she is your first child and your baby is second. As such, your dog will likely feel neglected when she sees all of the attention she used to get being lavished on the baby.

To keep your dog from feeling abandoned, it’s important to maintain your usual routine to the best of your ability. Daily walks are a great way to give your dog some one-on-one time, while the exercise will tire her out enough to not get restless around the baby.

Reward your dog with a hydrobath

Another excellent option is to give your dog a wash. Dogs love having someone’s undivided attention, so bath time is the perfect way to make them feel special. As you may not always have the time to bathe your dog the recommended once or twice per month, consider using a hydrobath service to keep your pooch happy and tick-free.

Rosie Pets offers a top-quality mobile dog wash/hydrobath service that comes straight to your home. We offer both an Express Bath to clean your dog in a hurry, and a Deluxe Bath for a more pampered pooch. We’ll even give you a discount if you have a second dog needing a good wash!

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