Full Grooming Process


Dog’s must be clean and dry before grooming.  The water pressure from the hydrobath provides the ultimate wash, leaving their coats thoroughly cleaned.  However, should your dog have severe matting a pre-shave will be necessary to remove the matting before washing.  Getting hair wet that is matted is impossible to dry and only makes the matting worse.

Blow Dryweb pics 049

Once your puppy has been cleaned it will need to be dried completely in order for the clippers and scissors to work properly.  The blow dryer is quite noisy but does not harm your dog in anyway.

Body Style Clip IMG_1545

The nails are clipped, ears & eyes cleaned, under paws tidied, hygiene areas shaved and a breed specific clip with hand scissoring to face and body as required. A spray of poochini cologne gives that fresh salon smell to finish.


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