Dog Wash: DIY or Professional Service?

Keeping your dog healthy and happy should be a high priority & frequent dog washing can seriously improve your pooch’s quality of life.

Some people argue that washing your dog at home provides the same results as hiring a professional, and for some breeds this may be true. Despite this, more and more families are choosing to book a pet care service company in favour of doing the job themselves. Below are some of the reasons why a professional dog wash may be better than at-home DIY.

  1. Breed

dog wash diySome breeds require more maintenance than others, and thus hiring a professional is often the best way to go. For dogs with long or thick coats the job may just be too mammoth to attempt at home. Knots, doggy dreadlocks and matted fur can all occur very easily in breeds such as Malteses, Yorkies, Poodle cross breeds and some terriers. Other breeds can also have muck built up around their eyes, difficult to clip nails or irritation in their ears (often caused by excessive hair). Dealing with these issues is best left to a professional, mainly to avoid hurting your dog.

  1. Equipment

Although you may want to wash your dog yourself, you may be restricted by space. Our vans are fully equipped with large tubs to fit even the biggest of dogs, meaning that we can reach all parts of the body without being restricted by a small bath or shower area. We also have specially designed shower heads, hair products and blow dryers and that are gentle on your pup’s skin.

  1. Qualified Staff

Our staff are all qualified dog groomers, meaning that they know exactly how to handle your dog to ensure they are relaxed and comfortable the entire time. They also may pick up on any underlying issues that you may not have noticed at home – these include the presence of fleas and minor injuries.

  1. Busy Schedule

One of the main reasons families hire a mobile dog groomer is because they don’t have time to do the job properly themselves. If you have a busy schedule, you may not be able to take the time and care that is needed to wash your dog properly. In these cases, it’s best to leave your pooch in the hands of professionals – this way you’ll know that your dog is getting quality care each and every time.

Admittedly, many dog owners simply can’t afford to have their dog bathed frequently, so being aware of how to conduct a simple wash can be a major time and money saver. Alternating a home wash with a professional hydrobath may be the perfect solution for you – have a look at our mobile dog wash service page & read about our 5-star treatment!

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