5 Top Tips on Maintaining Your Dog’s Coat In Between Grooms

Here are our top tips on keeping your dog’s coat looking good in between grooms 

1. Brushing: regular brushing will keep your dog’s coat in good condition and possibly lengthen the time needed in between grooms. It only takes a couple minutes every few days. Be sure to brush those areas prone to knots like behind the ears, under tummy and between legs.

2. Wash: keep your dog’s coat clean and fresh with regular hydrobaths. Depending on the breed and your dog’s daily activities, it may need washing every 2 weeks to once a month. Breeds such as Maltese & Poodles can be washed more often with a conditioning shampoo to lock in moisture. Short haired dog’s like staffys and boxers may not need washing as regularly. Although they may be more active and like a good old dirt bath so may require washing more frequently.

3. Talcum Powder: A quick ‘in between freshen up’ wash can be done simply with a sprinkle of talcum powder. This won’t work on short haired breeds, but long haired dogs such like Shelties, Bischons and Shitzus it works a treat! Just simply sprinkle some powder on the coat and brush it through. They will smell and feel great.

4. Keep paws trimmed: Whilst you want the hair on the body to grow it’s a good idea to always keep the hair under the paws very short. This allows the dog’s pads to grip properly and you won’t find them skidding all over the polished floorboards.

5. Nails: Dog’s nails should only need trimming every couple of months. Taking them for walks on the bitumen is a great way to keep them filled.

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