The Top 3 Reasons to Book a Mobile Dog Groomer

The last thing most dog owners feel like doing on the weekends is taking their pooch to the groomer. And even if it was a desirable chore, there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done!

The thing is, one of the many responsibilities of having a dog is getting him or her groomed. If you want to care for your furry friends, but also want to save time and effort, why not book a mobile dog groomer?  Here are three reasons that will have you itching to book this handy service:

1. A well-groomed dog is a happy dog

Most dogs need to be groomed regularly to keep their coat healthy, shiny, and tangle-free.

Dog grooming helps your dog stay neat and tidy, comfortable, and for some breeds it’s a way to help them stay cool, especially in the hot Brisbane summer months when the temperatures really soar. It can also aid blood circulation and prevent skin soreness.

It finally gives an opportunity to check for any ticks, fleas or other health problems that can otherwise be missed.

mobile dog wash hydrobath

2. Mobile dog grooming is perfect for busy people

Many dog owners simply don’t have the hours left in the day to take their dog to the groomers, especially when you factor in a daily walk, meal preparation and household chores.

Whether you’re a busy, young professional or have your hands filled with kids, arranging time to take your dog to the groomers can often fall outside your list of high priorities. This isn’t surprising, as most dog grooming services don’t operate outside of work hours: you have to leave your dog at the groomers all day, which can be stressful for your pet. A much better solution is to get a mobile pet grooming service to come to you!

3. Mobile dog groomers are professionals

Rosie Pets is a reliable, established dog grooming service, run by dog lovers and dog experts. This means that we:

  • Know how to keep your dog calm
  • Have all the right equipment to give your dog stress-free care
  • Have breed knowledge and the skill to clip any type of dog
  • May be able to spot when something is amiss with your dog, whether that’s ticks, fleas or a skin condition

Convenient, great value, professional dog grooming!

So there you have it: three great reasons to book a dog groomer! If you want the best level of grooming care for your dog, look no further. We offer a boutique mobile dog grooming salon ideal for any busy pet owner with any breed of dog.

If you’d like to book a convenient time for us to come to you: contact us or call 1300 976 743.

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