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Pet Grooming

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Pet Grooming – the do’s and do not’s, tips and hints. A lot of people will tell you that grooming your pet is as simple as some pet shampoo, elbow grease and a laundry tub. Quite simply – that’s not

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Full Grooming Process

Hydrobath Dog’s must be clean and dry before grooming.  The water pressure from the hydrobath provides the ultimate wash, leaving their coats thoroughly cleaned.  However, should your dog have severe matting a pre-shave will be necessary to remove the matting before washing.  Getting

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How often to brush your dog

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Some dogs require more brushing than others.  Long-haired dogs usually require daily brushing to prevent matting and tangling of hair.  Medium-haired dogs may be prone to matting and tangles and should be brushed at least weekly. While short-haired dogs can

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